WEEK 23 Weight Gain During Pregnancy

I’m really feeling the weight in my feet this week, my feet are swollen and my shoes feels like they have shrunk. l find it best to wear flat shoes as the pressure increases during the day. The more I move the heat makes my feet grow. I become sluggish and adapt an individual style of walking, l look like l’m waddling with a limp.
Since the weight gain during pregnancy is increasing l have started to experience foot cramps these are quite severe as when they occur l can not walk. l am lucky they only happen when l am standing as imagine if it occurred when l am driving the car. Best thing to do is get your partner to rub your feet and soak them in warm water to release the stress. I even ask my partner to put my socks and shoes on for me as l find it hard to reach my feet.
Every morning l weigh myself before l have breakfast to get an idea of what is happening with my body and the baby. I currently weigh 12kg over my normal weight. l had been told to watch my weight as the average weight gain over the entire pregnancy is 15kg, not much left for me to put on. ( l’m due on the 20 November). My friends tell me not to worry as everyone is different so l will go with the flow and try and cut done on my sweets.
Yours Kate from Croydon
We hoped that you have found Kate’s thoughts on her weight gain during pregnancy helpful. If you are pregnant & you are feel the aches & pains of pregnancy due to weight gain consider our mobile pregnancy massage services to releave you of your pain. We would love to hear from you.
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