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Beauty care became a very essential thing in everyones life, but for the working people its very hard to maintain their beauty necessities in their busy schedule. So hire the massage and facial experts of Total Relaxation Therapy and get the quality mobile facial services in Melbourne and our professionals will come to your place to offer our service.

Facial Services

You can expect facial services such as cleansing, exfoliating, massaging, skin brightening pack, toner, moisturiser and restoring eye cream.Total Relaxation uses luxury hot towels that are provided to remove impurities and replenish your skin. Our well-experienced beauticians will give you a relaxing massage service to your face,back and neck that drifts you into a deep relaxation state.

Our certified therapists utilize the best quality soothing, gentle cleanser, mask, moisturiser and restoring eye creams that brings even skin tone, natural glow and smooth textured skin. We give you the total bliss with 1 hour body massage that aids deep relaxation to your body and mind. We include facial bed, oil, towels, music and soft candlelight, which gives you a spa relaxation experience.

Our team of experienced therapists can provide a full range of facial and massage treatments in Melbourne. In addition, we also offer gift vouchers to the clients along with our professional services.

To schedule an appointment for mobile facial services, contact 0403 885 907 or email

Total Relaxation Facial and Massage – 60 minutes

30 minutes, Gentle Cleanser, Mask, Relaxing face, head, shoulder and arm massage. Removal of products with luxurious warm/hot facial towels to remove impurities and dry skin.
30 minute relaxation or deep tissue oil massage on back and/or legs.
Included: Facial/Massage bed, oil, towels, music and soft candle light

Price: $110.00


Total Relaxation Facial and Massage – 90 minutes

Treatment Soothing Gentle cleanser, Mask, Moisturiser and Restoring Eye Cream. Head and shoulder massage. Luxury hot towels provided to remove product and replenish skin Plus a 1 hr full body massage to help you fall into a deep state of relaxation.

Included:Facial bed, oil, towels, music and soft candle light

Price: $149


To Book Contact Rachael Byers – 0403 885 907

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