Corporate Massage for Melbourne Businesses

Why do businesses hire us to come to their premises?
How might you benefit from therapeutic massage?

Consider – massage is a natural stress or pain reliever, far more effective than pills and drugs (or alcohol). Even 5 or 15 minutes of massage is much, much more effective than happy hour – and it doesn’t leave you drained and drowsy afterwards.

Release of muscular tension is a wonderful benefit of massage therapy. During a massage your body releases endorphins – your body’s own, natural, painkillers – which relaxes muscles, calms nerves, and releases pent-up stress in a healthy way.

Business people often comment on how they think more clearly, have more energy, and avoid regular headaches or stomach pain as a result of our therapeutic massages. With the end of the year at hand, and all the extra pressure that entails – – completing projects, meeting sales targets, and tying up loose ends – – this is a great time to consider inviting our team to regularly visit your office and provide a brief therapeutic massage to energise your staff.

1 hour $100
2 hours $180
3 hours $210
4 hours plus 


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Our Offer to You

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Corporate Massage

A regular in-office therapeutic massage will increase productivity and general well-being during stressful times of the year, our therapists attend workplaces across Melbourne on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

We bring our own Corporate Massage Chair or table and set up in your boardroom or conference room for the 15-minute massage, or we can do the 5 or 10 minute neck and shoulder massage at your desks.


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