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We understand that plans sometimes change.
Cancellation policy:
*Cancel with less than 24 hours notice, a cancellation fee of $50 will apply per massage and nail treatment and the balance refunded in the form of a gift certificate
*Cancel with less than 4 hours notice no refund is given
*Cancel with more than 24 hours given, a full refund will be issued in the form of a gift certificate

Our customers say:
“Simply wonderful, I had such a great day being pampered for my friends hens party. From a bridesmaids perspective it was such an easy and stress free way to plan a hens party, we had such a great time all being together and having our pamper.” -Sharon, Richmond

“I definitely recommend Total Relaxation Therapy it was fun & refreshing. The therapist was friendly and professional and in the end I felt so relaxed it was like floating on a cloud.” – Kath, Tecoma

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