Sleep positions during pregnancy – Week 22

Having trouble with sleep positions during pregnancy? Week 22 can be a difficult time to get comfortable during sleep. Read on to hear from our pregnancy massage clients experience.
“After experiancing a Total Relaxation Therapy massage l realised that when l am sleeping it would be best for me to position myself like they did in the massage. By using the pillow technique in bed it has not only helped me sleep better but it has reduced my back and tummy pain.
Total Relaxation use proffessisonal pillows so that when you lye face down your tummy is elivated therefore putting no presure on the baby, this was orignally my concern and my partners, however once l was using the pillows in the massage it was so comfortable and I had no concerns anymore as I new our baby was safe.
When the lady turned me on my side she put pillows in certain spots this helped to support my weight. It was the side pillow technique which I use when I sleep at night. It really has helped me sleep better and has taken away that pulling feeling you get when lying down at night.
Can’t wait for my next massage already booked. l will keep you informed of more of my feelings and thoughts as l feel this could help others.”
Kate Croydon.
To enquire about pregnancy massage don’t hesitate to contact us. We provide Mobile Pregnancy Massage to all of Melbourne Metropolitan.
Jacqui – 0423 256 018

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