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Oct 14th

What Specifically is wrong with you?

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what specifically is wrong with you

My name is Jacqui Yates and I’m a Remedial Massage therapist. Before seeing working on my clients i often ask myself what specifically is wrong with them. Often without realizing my clients find themselves in front of a computer for long periods of time. The effect of poor at desk posture and long periods of time in front of a computer screen can create pain within muscles and joints. As part of my Remedial Massage treatments I conduct functional movement assessments (FMA) these help me to identify specific muscle imbalances within the body and help me to create a treatment plan based on the results. From conducting these FMA’s I have discovered that my clients gain a better understanding about what is specifically wrong with them. For example “Neck Pain” may specially be related to tension held with the arms, jaw or mid back

Posture, Posture, Posture. It’s something that I talk about all day everyday with clients. I believe posture to be so important and therefore I include it in each and every FMA that I do and I will always spend 1-2min discussing with clients how they rate compared to the average person

Trapezius Muscle, Mr T-man

Mr. T-Man is Mr. Trapezius muscle. He is a big beefy muscle on your back. He is a muscles’ Super Hero, he is shaped like a kite on your back and if he could he would fly high in the sky. He spends his whole day moving your shoulders around, keeping your head in position and moving your head from side to side.

Your exercise activity

Wall posture exercise, 1min once a day for 7 days. Take a before and after photo for a bit of fun. Get a friend or stand facing a mirror to take two photos of you one facing forward and one facing side on.
We would love to see your before and after pictures. Send them via email or post them to our Facebook page

The 20 Year Headache, a Successful Nasty Mini Arni Campaign

One of my clients is 40 years old. She is an office manager in charge of 30 staff. She has been dedicated to progressing her career ever since she began working in administration in her early 20’s. Her staff at work know that she is plagued by headaches. Because of the headaches she has become absolute pillow connoisseur. Like a food connoisseur that competes and believes passionately in pursuit of good food on Master Chef, she also believes and pursuits the best pillow. She dreams that she will find relief from her headaches by finding the “right” pillow. The headaches become so bad that every couple of months she awakes unable to move her neck and rendered unable to work….

Before we continue I have one question, “Do you grind your teeth?”

“Yes” I reply.

“Is it painful when I press here?”

I nearly jump off the couch and my head lurches in the opposite direction to which the therapist is pressing.

“Extremely painful!” Pause. “I had no idea that it was painful there.”

The therapist explains that the Masseter is the strongest muscle in the body and that this little muscle has been campaigning against her own body for many years

Seeking Help

A client suffering from neck pain sees her doctor who checks her bone structures and assesses the soft tissue. He rules out damage to the boney structures. He refers her to a remedial therapist that will conduct a thorough set of assessments with her. He is confident in his referral, as he has been to see the remedial therapist himself. He faxes the same referral to the remedial therapist. The patient doesn’t even need to phone to book the appointment, as the doctor is getting the therapist to call her!

Later that afternoon her phone rings. She explains the trouble that she has been having with her neck.

Functional Movement Assessment
Finger Flexion: Restricted, extremely painful. Left hand pain on top of the hand near the wrist.

Hip Flexor and Adductors

There is a relationship happening between hip flexor and adductor. Lexy Flexy and Addam Add. They both realized that they had special powers together. Addam Add is an immovable force. He can hold anything in place. They realized that they had strong powers when they were young kids together trying to climb a tree. Together working in combination Addam Add would hold the bottom leg stable on one side while Flexy Lexy reached a high notch in the tree with the other leg. Then they would swap positions. Addam Add would stabilize the higher leg while Flexy Lexy brings the lower leg to another higher notch. They summonsed all their strength and persisted in taking turns to stabilize and reach higher.

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Oct 4th

Top Tips to Avoid Poor Posture at Work

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7 Top Tips to Avoid Poor Posture at Work!

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Aug 17th

How to Improve Your Posture in under 1 Second

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Many of my clients have been asking on how they can improve their postures while typing because a number of them complain that they experience back pain after a long day at the office.

First tip to improve your posture in under 1 second

In order to help improve your posture while typing, I often encourage my clients to place their hands together behind them and push their chest forward then continue typing. This leaves you feeling great for the rest of the day and prevents back pain. See videos below for a quick demonstration:

Second tip on improving posture in under 1 second

One of my clients’ partner -Geraldine Powell- had a great tip on another way people can help improve their postures while typing. Geraldine is a professional typist and has been doing this for 57 years. She mentioned that it is common for people to develop back pain and RSI from having bad posture while typing which ruins your whole day. This is what she had to say “I have been a “typist” for 57 years having progressed from the manual to electric typewriter then to a word processor and now the computer which I still type on daily…..At business college we were taught to raise our wrists level with the keyboard. As a result my back is straight as the hands raised at the keyboard is positioning me in an upright stance. A lot of self-taught ‘typists’ type with their wrists resting on the desk and wonder why at the end of the day their wrists aching or end up with RSI.”

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Jul 11th

Unleashed Pole Dancing Competition 2015

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Pole Divas Melbourne recently had their unleashed pole dancing competition in which the pole dancers competed against each other for a major prize. We at Total Relaxation Therapy were proud to be one of their major sponsors. Before the event we were able to give the girls massages in order to prepare their muscles for the dancing and stretching they had to do.


We were able to film a behind the scenes video of their dress rehearsals and managed interview a few girls During the interviews, the girls mentioned they got inspiration for their routines from various places such as movies, songs and characters. One of our favourites was a routine performed by Eva, a first time contender who says she has been pole dancing for 2.5 years on and off. She got her inspiration from the movie Maleficent. “I’ve just always wanted to do some movie character…I just started watching the movie, listening to the music and picked out the parts of the music and put them together myself.”


Rebecca was another first time contender who not only wanted to have fun with her routine but also make the audience enjoy it. “My routine is a bit of a booty dance, I just wanted to have fun with it and people to really enjoy watching it and feel the vibe of the whole booty shaking.”

Watch full behind the scenes video below:

The event that took place on 21 June 2015 was a success and we gave out nine massage vouchers valued at $800 for the winners.

For more information on Pole Divas or how you can join please visit

logo pole divas



Jacqui Yates & the TRT team

Remedial Massage Therapist


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Jul 1st

Stretching Benefits Pole Divas – Collaboration with Veronica Waite

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Stretching and Muscle strength with Pole Divas

Stretching is an importance factor in pole dancing as it helps to improve flexibility and prevents injury possibilities.  Veronica, a Pole Dancing and Aerial instructor at Pole Divas, Melbourne is a good example of a pole dancer who regularly stretches in order to improve her flexibility.  She is a truly inspirational pole dancer as her flexibility is outstanding and compared to the average person, her body can reach and stretch a lot further.  In an interview, she highlights the stretching benefits and how pole dancing has improved her flexibility tremendously and sees a lot of improvement in most of her clients as they progress.


Hip Flexion test and Trunk Horizontal Flexion range of motion for the pole diva compared to the average person

People that have not done pole dancing or do not do any form of stretching usually have poor flexibility around their hip area.  The average person who does not regularly stretch can barely touch their toes when they bend.  On the other hand, Veronica who has good hip flexion due to pole dancing can bend until her forearms almost touch the ground.  It is encouraged for clients to try this test and if they are unable to touch the ground with their fingers/hands, it indicates tightness especially through their lower back, hamstrings, gluteal and calf muscles, regular stretching is one of the best ways to improve hip flexibility.



In addition, Veronica’s trunk horizontal flexion range of motion is very good due to regular stretching as she can bend up to 27cm compared to the average person who can only bend up to a maximum of 20cm.  This trunk horizontal flexion range of motion test indicates the lateral flexibility of the spine.

trunck fma


Due to regular dance and stretching from pole dancing, Veronica’s muscles often get tight, therefore they need to be maintained in order to reduce aches and pains.  For example the hip flexer muscle may initiate pain and tension in the back if not properly taken care of through regular massage.


The Trapezius muscle may also need to be taken care of as it is actively used in pole dancing.  This muscle starts from the middle of the back and stretches to the shoulder and back to the skull. Regular massage is advised in this area for pole dancers as it often causes soreness in the shoulders.


image courtesy of google images.  Image source:

See video with full interview below:

Jacqui Yates & the TRT team.

+61 423 256 018

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May 29th

Testimonial from Paul-Obax Pty ltd Builders & Development

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Jacqui has been coming to my house once a month for about 12 months.

Her massages have helped me to be able to do my job, relieved me of back and neck pain and also headaches caused by knotted back muscles.

Jacqui has been able to keep me going with my many body complaints, which come from my abuse of myself i.e. working in building industry for the last 45 years.

I went to my medical practitioner and told him about my sore hands. He said I carpel tunnel. I asked him what I could do about it, he suggested an operation and a six-month recuperation period – doing no work, or just put up with it till you retire.

I mentioned this to Jacqui, she said she could bring some relief to my hands and she has.

The numbness to my fingers has almost disappeared, and I don’t lie awake at night feeling like my fingers were going to explode.

I was that happy with Jacqui that I referred her to a friend of mine who is also a builder. He is grouchy, tight fisted old bastard but Jacqui goes to him every fortnight to relieve his back. The only other option for him was a serious operation. So she must be a good keep Ray happy.

So – thank you Jacqui.

Anybody with muscular complaint, book an hour with her.
The pain relief is great, but sometimes the cure has been worse than the complaint – but only for a short time.

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Aug 11th

Massage to Relieve Hand Pain, Numbness and Tingling

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A client who I had helped with lower back pain, asked me if I had any “tricks” for carpal tunnel. He had been suffering pain in his hands and fingers for the last 3 years. Much to his disappointment his doctor had not been able to prescribe any pain relief medication and had suggested surgery. He did not want to proceed with the surgery and continued to “put up” with the pain. When he asked me the questions, “Do I have any tricks?” I almost shrieked with excitement, massage can be so relieving for clients suffering carpal tunnel or for people presenting with symptoms of carpal tunnel such as hand pain, numb fingers or tingling in the arm and fingers.

My client described his symptoms as, “like waking up each morning with sausage fingers” and he said it is, “Very annoying.” A treatment for anyone presenting with these symptoms would include a simple nerve test that supplies the arm to identify any areas that the muscles may be clamping or impinging on the nerve that supplies the hand, followed by therapeutic massage on the target tissue identified from the nerve test. The massage would include all the muscles of the arm, shoulder and hand region as well as stretching and mobilising of the chest, shoulder, neck, upper and lower arm and finger muscles.

During the subsequent appointment my client was so please to tell me that since the first massage he had not experienced any hand pain and he had not woken up with sausage fingers either. He did however say that he did feel sore and tender in the chest for a few days after the massage, but after that no problem at all!

Relief from hand pain can be found from 1-4 massage treatments depending on the severity of the symptoms and if the cause is from muscular dysfunction. If you have any queries about hand or arm pain don’t hesitate to consult your local GP.

Jacqui & the TRT team

0423 256 018

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Aug 11th

Hens Party Evening Pampering with a Twist

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Are you planning a hens party for a good friend and wanting to put a twist on your hens party? Often we attend hens parties in the home and while we are pampering the group of girls a topless waiter will arrive as a bit of fun and start serving food to the guests. It seems to be a real hit and often it’s the Aunties and Grandma’s that enjoy the eye candy the most! As therapists we have a bit of a chuckle to ourselves and keep working to make sure everyone receives the treatments that they have booked.

Recently I attended a hens party for a good Irish Catholic girl, who received a REAL shock. After the pampering finished a stripper arrived! There was a lot of shrieks of laughter and heads turning away eyes covered in disbelief, red cheeks. He did his 20min routine and encouraged all the other girls to “look after the hen and keep her safe for the rest of the night.” I think his routine was as close to danger as she would be getting for the evening J

“Mortified, I’m completely mortified!” exclaimed the hen after the stripper had left. She was certain that her friends would not organise something like that for her as they all know her conservative nature. She kept laughing in between exclamations of shock and disbelief! I think it was a surprise that she will always remember and have a bit of a laugh and chuckle to herself.


Whether you are planning to SHOCK the pants off one of your closest friends or want to have a simple pampering night, we are there for you! Just let us know how we can help.

Jacqui & the TRT team

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Jul 21st

Hens Party Afternoon in Yarraville

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We love providing a convenient and relaxing pampering for a hens party afternoon. It doesn’t matter if you are in a hotel in the CBD, a Bed n Breakfast in Mornington or a home in Yarraville. No matter where you are we will travel to you and bring all the equipment that is needed for your relaxation session.

Recently we attended a hen’s party in Yarraville for 6 girls. It was a quiet and intimate gathering which is exactly what the bride-to-be wanted! Each girl had an hours’ worth of relaxation treatments of their choice. The bride had a 30min facial and a 30min Indulgence Relaxation massage where as her best friend, the maid of honour, had a 30min Indulgence Manicure and a 30min Indulgence Pedicure. It took 2 therapists 3 hours to complete all the 6 guests and the treatments that they had selected. While each guest was waiting for their turn they enjoyed an array of food and drinks that each person had brought along to contribute to the day.

This hen’s afternoon was definitely a hen’s party that I wished I was attending as a guest! All the girls were so lovely, so relaxed and having such a great time together!

Hens party season is on its way again and we look forward to providing a simple and easy solution that everyone attending can easily enjoy. If you would like to see a list of our full range of treatments available for each guest to choose from just send me an email request. Your guests can choose their treatments according to their preference. The final names of the guests and the treatments they will be having don’t need to be confirmed until 5 days prior to the booking date! Too Easy!

Jacqui & the TRT team
0423 256 018

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Jun 4th


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The EFY is approaching fast and we have an AMAZING offer on our Corporate Massage services.

– Looking to increase and optimise productivity?
– Reward, inspire and motivate staff?
– Improve and strengthen team morale and attitude?

If yes, take advantage of our Special Offer!

Buy 6 x Corporate Massage Sessions & receive the 7th Session Free!

Our professional massage therapists will come to your workplace for a minimum of 2 hours to do either 15min Seated Neck and Shoulder massages or 5min Seated Neck massages. Massage in the workplace is a fantastic way to relieve staff of work stress and tension as well as rewarding them for their hard work and contribution. The demands of the modern workplace require many staff members to spend hours in front of a computer screen every day, this can create postural pressures on the neck and shoulder region. In just a few minutes you and your staff will be amazed of the power of massage to relieve and renew fatigued muscles.

Time and time again we hear comments like;

“My neck really hurts, I think I slept awkwardly last night”

“I have had a head ache since yesterday, it’s painful just above my eyes.”

“On the weekend I hurt my shoulders now I can’t move properly.”

These staff members feel much better after their massage and often experience complete relief
from their complaint! Ready to make a difference in your workplace? Your staff will feel encouraged
and motivated!

Enjoying a Seated Massage in Melbourne

Buy 6 x Corporate Massage Sessions, receive the 7th Session Free!

2 hour Corporate Massage Session
$200.00 per therapist

4 hour Corporate Massage Session
$400.00 per therapist

Hurray offer ends June 30th 2014. Sessions must be redeemed within a 6 month period.

Call Now – 03 9008 4215
Jacqui & the TRT team

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