As mobile therapists we live by the motto, “Anywhere, Anytime.” Our recent travels have seen our workplace massage therapist giving relaxing seated massages to the corporate offices on St Kilda Rd. We have been rewarding staff & helping managers improve the health & well-being of their team members.
As we know sitting in front of a computer screen for 8 hours a day causes neck, strain, head aches & many other associated problems. Massage in the workplace is such a fantastic tool to give staff relief from our uncomfortable workstations. If you have had an idea to have a massage therapist attend you workplace you may have searching “Corporate Massage St Kilda Rd?” Well we can help, Anywhere, Anytime.”
Show your staff you care & reap the rewards! Don’t hesitate to contact us.
Contact Us – Corporate Massage St Kilda Rd
Jacqui 0423 256 018

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