Looking for something different for the hen’s party that you are organising? How about a Nail Art
Hens Party? We make organising a hen’s party simple and easy so that you can have maximum fun
with your friends and the bride-to-be at the hen’s party. We have a team of therapists ready to
travel to you, they bring all the needed equipment to set up a lovely nail art station in your lounge/
living room. Your guests can choose from 15 different basic nail art designs.
When organising the hen’s party, once you have a confirmed guest list we create a schedule for the
therapist/s to use on the day/evening as a guideline so that the party flows smoothly and no-on
misses out. You don’t even need to know how many guests are attending until 5 days prior to the
booking date. Too easy!
Recently we helped a client organise a Nail Art Hens party in Williamstown. There were 16 guests
attending and the party started at 7.30pm. The 2 therapists arrived at 6.45pm to set up in the living
room and commenced at 7.30pm as the guests began to arrive. Each guest had a 15min Mini Nail Art
Manicure with 1 feature nail on each hand. It took the 2 therapists 2 hours to complete everyone,
while they were working the other guests were able to participate in the hens party games, chat
amongst themselves, enjoy the food and have a few drinks. Many of the guests were busy Mum’s
with not much time to pamper themselves and there were a lot of comments saying, “I can’t wait to
show my kids and husband tomorrow!” The next day which just happened to be Mother’s Day!
Let us help you organise a Nail Art party, stress free! All you need to do is place a $50.00 non-
refundable booking fee with the balance due 5 days prior to the booking date. You don’t need to
do confirm numbers now, all you need to do is email your confirmed guest list 5 days prior to the
booking date so that we can create a schedule.
Mini Nail Art Manicure – 15min
Includes: Nail file and shape, 1 feature nail with basic nail art design on each hand
Price: $25.00 per person
Indulgence Nail Art Manicure – 30min
Includes: Nail file and shape, 10 feature nails with basic nail art design on each hand
Price: $50.00 per person
Call Now – 03 9008 4215
Jacqui & the TRT team
hens party

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