Want to bring your hens party ideas to life, stress free? Have you said “Yes” to being a Bridesmaid or Maid-of-Honour? You may be discovering that there is a lot more to it than just turning up on the day and looking beautiful. To bring a hens party to you need to plan and prepare. Take the stress out planning a hens party here are our top 3 tips!
Tip 1. Meet with your team
As soon as possible get together with the other bridesmaids to start discussing and planning the hens day or evening. Prior to the meeting request from the bride a few dates and times that would be suitable for her prior to the wedding. When you are together with the other bridesmaids lock-in the date, an approximate start time and duration, this will help to efficiently start planning and booking your ideas!
Tip 2. Delegate Responsibility
If you are working with other bridesmaids delegate the tasks that need to be done. Divide tasks such as guest list and invitations, booking activities and venues, preparing games and prizes etc. If it is an in-home party delegate someone to be in charge of food and beverage co-ordination. “Bring a plate” is an effective cost saver! You will also need someone to be responsible for collecting funds from guests for any activities or entertainment that require pre-payment. It will save you a head ache by sharing the roles and having clear expectations.
Tip 3. Set an R.S.V.P. date
It’s a lot of effort and preparation to co-ordinate a hens party. Make sure that the guests that have been invited are informed of an r.s.v.p. date that is at least 2 weeks prior to the hens party date. Don’t let your efforts be wasted by people who are unable to commit or aren’t reliable to r.s.v.p. Have a firm Yes/No answer from each guest, no MAYBE’s!
Enjoy the day! You maybe tired and exhausted from other things in your life as well as from the hens party planning, but remember a hens party is a special get together that you have planned for someone that you LOVE! Enjoy the special moments together & have fun!

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