Recently our massage therapist finished giving a 90min relaxation massage in a prominent hotel in Melbourne, the client exclaimed, ‘That was the best massage I have ever received!’
This positive feedback is what our therapists work towards every time they give a massage. We believe that there are some key ingredients for a great relaxation massage. These ingredients include a therapists that makes you feel comfortable, who massages you at the pressure that you prefer, uses quality equipment and oil and is intuitive to your needs.
We here a lot of negative feedback from clients saying that they have had massages elsewhere and the pressure has been too soft or too hard and they have been too embarrassed to say anything. When having your next massage don’t be afraid to communicate with your therapist if you are not comfortable with the massage pressure. Our therapists love to hear your feedback and seek it out from you to make sure that you are feeling relaxed and happy.
We would love to hear your stories on the ‘best ever’ massage, email us

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