Jacqui has been coming to my house once a month for about 12 months.
Her massages have helped me to be able to do my job, relieved me of back and neck pain and also headaches caused by knotted back muscles.
Jacqui has been able to keep me going with my many body complaints, which come from my abuse of myself i.e. working in building industry for the last 45 years.
I went to my medical practitioner and told him about my sore hands. He said I carpel tunnel. I asked him what I could do about it, he suggested an operation and a six-month recuperation period – doing no work, or just put up with it till you retire.
I mentioned this to Jacqui, she said she could bring some relief to my hands and she has.
The numbness to my fingers has almost disappeared, and I don’t lie awake at night feeling like my fingers were going to explode.
I was that happy with Jacqui that I referred her to a friend of mine who is also a builder. He is grouchy, tight fisted old bastard but Jacqui goes to him every fortnight to relieve his back. The only other option for him was a serious operation. So she must be a good keep Ray happy.
So – thank you Jacqui.
Anybody with muscular complaint, book an hour with her.
The pain relief is great, but sometimes the cure has been worse than the complaint – but only for a short time.

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