Stretching and Muscle strength with Pole Divas

Stretching is an importance factor in pole dancing as it helps to improve flexibility and prevents injury possibilities.  Veronica, a Pole Dancing and Aerial instructor at Pole Divas, Melbourne is a good example of a pole dancer who regularly stretches in order to improve her flexibility.  She is a truly inspirational pole dancer as her flexibility is outstanding and compared to the average person, her body can reach and stretch a lot further.  In an interview, she highlights the stretching benefits and how pole dancing has improved her flexibility tremendously and sees a lot of improvement in most of her clients as they progress.

Hip Flexion test and Trunk Horizontal Flexion range of motion for the pole diva compared to the average person

People that have not done pole dancing or do not do any form of stretching usually have poor flexibility around their hip area.  The average person who does not regularly stretch can barely touch their toes when they bend.  On the other hand, Veronica who has good hip flexion due to pole dancing can bend until her forearms almost touch the ground.  It is encouraged for clients to try this test and if they are unable to touch the ground with their fingers/hands, it indicates tightness especially through their lower back, hamstrings, gluteal and calf muscles, regular stretching is one of the best ways to improve hip flexibility.
In addition, Veronica’s trunk horizontal flexion range of motion is very good due to regular stretching as she can bend up to 27cm compared to the average person who can only bend up to a maximum of 20cm.  This trunk horizontal flexion range of motion test indicates the lateral flexibility of the spine.
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Due to regular dance and stretching from pole dancing, Veronica’s muscles often get tight, therefore they need to be maintained in order to reduce aches and pains.  For example the hip flexer muscle may initiate pain and tension in the back if not properly taken care of through regular massage.
The Trapezius muscle may also need to be taken care of as it is actively used in pole dancing.  This muscle starts from the middle of the back and stretches to the shoulder and back to the skull. Regular massage is advised in this area for pole dancers as it often causes soreness in the shoulders.


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