We have been busy shopping during pregnancy & I can’t wait for my pregnancy massage on the 9th , l have been so busy with getting the house ready for babes. We have set up the cot and had our lovely red carpet removed and replaced with a much nicer natural colour. We have decided on a theme for the baby’s room, and have been surfing the net for farm yard animals stickers or stencils.
It is very exciting when you start preparing the room; we have been blessed with friends sending us gifts. We have to return some clothes we brought as on our 12 week scan the Dr said we had a girl coming then we were told on our 20week scan it’s a Beautiful baby boy. We are lucky we didn’t go over board with purchases.
We are currently buying neutral colours just in case. Enjoy and have fun with your partner shopping, go together it’s a lovely experience and l normally hate the shops. I did notice that it’s hard to get neutral colours as most Baby shops have the pinks and blues.
If you are shopping during pregnancy, we found that Big W had a great range of clothes and products. Baby bunting had the pram and car seat for us. The staff at Baby Bunting are fantastic very professional and they also arranged the car seat to be fitted for us. We decided on the car seat over a capsule as our pram we brought came with a bassinet attachment.
We were told that it’s better for the baby to sleep in the bassinet then a capsule, if we went to a friend house then the baby can only be in a capsule for a short amount of time because of their spin is slightly bent as the capsule is not flat, but if we had the baby in the bassinet he could sleep in it for a long time so we wouldn’t be restricted with how long we stayed at our friends house.
Enjoy Shopping.
Kate Croydon.
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