What an amazing experience, which I would recommend to any mother to be. I had my first pregnancy massage with Total Relaxation Therapy last week at 24 weeks pregnant. The first trimester had come and gone with quite a bit of nausea and I was now beginning to notice tightness in my calves, buttocks and hips. It wasn’t really stopping me from doing anything, but I was having some trouble finding a comfortable position to sleep and found that I was very restless during the day. My husband organized for me to have a massage with an in-home therapist and it was easy from start to finish. I didn’t need to go anywhere, she came to my house fully equipped with massage table, music and amazing pregnancy pillow!!
Pregnancy massage melbourne
My massage therapist was in tune with what my body needed and made sure I was comfortable the whole time. Throughout the massage she found all my problem areas, some fairly deep, which she was able to work on and ‘unknott’. The comfortable pregnancy pillow allowed me to completely relax and enjoy the full benefits of massage.
But my favorite part of the experience was that she finished off our session with a facial massage. By the end my entire body as relaxed and spent the rest of the day in a relaxed and blissful state.
That night was the first night in a long time that I could find a comfortable position to sleep. I managed to sleep through the night and was even quite relaxed the following day.
Thank you TRT for a wonderful afternoon, coming to my house and pampering me, allowing me to unwind and enjoy my pregnancy even more.

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