Pregnancy Massage In Your Home

Pregnancy Massage to nurture your health and well being

It is both a privilege and an honour to work with Mum’s-to-be who are growing and nurturing new life inside. This right of passage for Mum’s, especially new Mum’s, is adulating and exciting, but as the baby grows inside the Mother’s body so too grows the level of discomfort, body aches and pains. Our job is to respect and appreciate both Mum & baby through therapeutic pregnancy massage.

Mobile Pregnancy Massage qualified therapists traveling thoughout Melbourne

What are the benefits of having a massage during pregnancy?

  • Relieves muscle aches & soreness
  • Positively influences hormone balance especially helps reduce the stress hormone cortisol and stimulates the feel good hormone serotonin
  • Improves physiological function by assisting with cellular waste through the lymphatic system
  • Balances a postural function with many clients presenting symptoms of slumped shoulders, con-caved chests, lumbar lordosis and tightness in the hamstrings and quadriceps
  • Enhances placenta function especially in the production of prolactin
  • Increases energy and increases a sense of well-being

Ever since l became pregnant l had been experiencing major leg and calf cramping. The muscle in my legs would twist to the point that l would scream. I was having regular cramps and I was going to bed in fear of cramping it didn’t help with having a relaxing nights rest.
lt wasn’t until l had my first pregnancy massage with Total Relaxation Therapy that l went to bed with no anxiety about cramping and ended up having a relaxed peaceful sleep. My partner even noticed how relaxed l became. Thank you Total Relaxation Therapy. Kate, Croydon

How to book our services?

Simple! To make a booking please give us a call to set up a suitable time and date, our professional therapists bring all the needed equipment for a relaxing and therapeutic massage.
$110 per hour.
$149 90 minutes
Call or Email Total Relaxation – 0403 885 907