Post pregnancy relaxation massage is exactly what a tired worn out new Mum needs. The weeks leading up to the due date can be the most uncomfortable. The body needs to carry the extra weight of the baby. This can cause sore feet, back strain, and neck ache to name a few. These are all common discomforts.
In the final stages of pregnancy it is often hard for Mum’s-to-be to find relief. Post pregnancy is a time for recovery for everything the body has gone through. A post pregnancy massage, given that there have been no complications such as emergency caesarean, can aid and assist the bodies recovery.
Our mobile massage service provides an opportunity for Mum’s around Melbourne wishing to have a mobile massage post pregnancy. Having a therapist come to your home means not worring about loading the car with prams and baby supplies. Just sit back and let us come to you.
Below is a story of one first time Mum who did just that….

Post Pregnancy Massage – Belgrave

“My first child was born this year at the beginning of May. It was a home birth which I had been wanting to do since becoming a mid-wife. The birth went really well and my son, Eli, arrived safely. However he did suffer from a slight infection and had to be admitted into hospital for 5 days of antibotics. Once we were able to return home, my husband booked a Total Relaxation Therapist to come to our home to give me a relaxation massage and pedicure. It was so amazing. I loved being pampered. My feet had also dried out and cracked during pregnancy so it was fantastic to have a pedicure. Thx very much!”
Amy, Eli & Hubby
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