If you have never had a mobile manicure or a manicure before this article describes a few basic elements, depending on which mobile manicure option you choose.
Hand Massage: To begin the manicure the therapist will bring along a nutrient rich moisturising cream to massage into your hands. Each of your fingers and the palm of your hand will be gently rubbed for a few minutes. The massage will finish with a gentle massage and rotation of your wrist. The benefits of a hand massage include improved circulation, stretching and revitalising the muscles and improving joint range of motion, as well as being really relaxing.
Cuticle Treatment: Your cuticles are a very important part of your nails health. The cuticle is the thin strip of skin that runs along the bottom of the nail for protection. It protects your nail from bacteria forming and damaging the live nail cells just below the surface. To stimulate nail health and growth you therapist will push back any dry dead skin that may have formed, cut if necessary, and apply nourishing cuticle oil.
Buff/File & Shape: Using a 3 way buffing tool your therapist will create an even and shiny nail surface. The high gloss finish from buffing helps to seal the nail plate surface from staining and preventing dehydration. Then using a course emery board your therapist will file and shape your nail to your desired shap either oval or square.
The file step in a manicure is the application of polish. The fun part is choosing which colour!

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