Mobile Hot Stone Massage


Soothing and Sumptuous Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage treatments are deeply soothing, therapeutic and relieving. Our Hot stone massage therapists use small round smooth stones that are warmed.The hot stones in combination with water dispersing oil relieve muscle tension. The heat from the hot stones seeps into the muscle tissue for an awe-inspiring relaxation massage.

60 minute Hot Stone Massage $120 

90 minute Hot Stone Massage $170
Group bookings that are more than 2 hrs $110 p/h

A Hot Stone Massage is Awe-Insiring

My Hot Stone Massage was amazing!
Very, Very relaxing and wonderful the best I have ever had! The therapist and music very soothing and almost sent me to sleep. The massage and heat from the stones eased the pain I had in my lower back. Thank you so much for the wonderful hot stone massage experience. Kath, Tecoma

Hot Stone Massage for Relaxation
I was staying in Melbourne for the weekend with my husband. Recently my husband had been through a difficult health period. I wanted to treat us both with something special and relaxing. I found Total Relaxation and booked a mobile therapists to come to our hotel room for a hot stone massage. Wow! We both felt so great! The stones just melted tension away. Jane, Adelaide

Organising a booking and arranging payment

Groups Bookings: In order to secure a booking date for your group booking all you need to do is place a $50.00 non-refundable booking fee with the balance to be paid 5 days prior to the booking date. Simply make payment via Direct Deposit into our bank account. Minimum call out of 2 hours for group bookings.

Individual bookings: To arrange an appointment for an individual simply call us to confirm the availability of a therapist, let us know the address and organise payment.
Gift Vouchers: Simply contact us with the name of the person that you would like listed on the voucher and we will either email a voucher to you or post via Australia post to yourself or your loved one.

Contact Rachael Byers – 0403 885 907

Hot Stone Massage – What to expect

What to expect from a Hot Stone Massage - Many of our customers have said that they have thought about having a hot stone massage, but they do not know what to expect. This experience is definitely something worth trying, it is amazing! What to Expect: Our therapists arrive at your home with their massage table, towels and oil which for a relaxation massage, in addition they also bring a special electric slow cooker that heats stones using boiling water. They will set up the table, towel and get the cooker starting to warm the stones. They will begin a relaxation massage as normal, however once the stones have reached temperature they use the stones in their relaxation strokes. Sometimes when the stones come out of the cooker they are too hot, the therapist will also have a bowl of cold water ready so the stones are only used at a safe temperature.

As well as using the stone directly onto skin the therapists will also place hot stone on top of the towel. For example when the therapist is massaging legs using the hot stones, the therapist may also at the same time place hot stones onto the back on top of the towel. The heat slowing reaches deep into the muscle fibers for a more relaxing and therapeutic effect. Hot Stone massage is strongly recommended for people who like a remedial style massage, but not necessarily the strong pressure usually required to release muscle tension during a deep tissue and remedial massage. In the case of the hot stone massage it is the heat working in conjunction with the strokes that works at a deeper muscle fiber level.



What They Say

Mobile Massage Review

"“I used to suffer from regular tension headaches because of my busy and stressful job, then I started having a weekly relaxation massage with Total Relaxation Therapy and I haven’t had a headache in months. I feel great, thank you!” Kelly, Balwyn"

Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

“I was searching for a unique and special experience with my friends for my hens party, I wanted to move away from the conventional. Finally I saw TRT at a bridal expo and I knew this was the idea for me. I booked a pedicure and manicure package and all my friends came over to my house for a day to treat ourselves. We had an amazing day and I felt special.” Samantha, Altona

Mobile Pedicure Review

“I’m a really busy mother of 2 young children. I have wanted to have a pedicure for a long time so that I can wear nice open toe shoes, but I knew I had no hope keeping the kids still at a salon. One of the Total Relaxation Therapists came to my home one evening for a deluxe pedicure when all the kids were in bed, my feet are glowing and I am so happy now show them off in public. I highly recommend that you treat yourself.” Penny, Wantirna

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Treat Yourself to a Relaxing Day at your own home Spa

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