“Are massages supposed to be relaxing?” A client recently asked, “I definitely feel relaxed afterwards. In this case the client was suffering from neck tension and he required a firm massage to relieve the tension and muscles dysfunction that had built up from the stress and physical demands of running his own pest control business. At points during the massage he may have felt slight discomfort when the pressure became deeper but was not so painful that he needs to clench his muscles to tolerate the pressure. Afterwards he exclaimed that he most certainly was relieved of his neck tension and feeling much better. We offer both deep tissue massage and relaxation massage. Relaxation massage is a soft and gentle massage for people needing to escape the stress of life. However for conditions such as lower back pain, neck tension, golfer’s arm, and tennis elbow etc. a firmer pressure may need to be applied to work through the muscle dysfunction.
Couples Massage Melbourne CBD
Many of our clients are busy business owners who appreciate the convenience of a mobile service in the own homes when other massage clinics maybe shut. Imagine coming home from work and after your evening meal your massage therapist arrives to set up their equipment in your home, when they leave you are in a state of complete relaxation, ready for bed. Our service is so convenient that we help you relax so that you can literally tuck yourself straight in bed and feel great!

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