A client who I had helped with lower back pain, asked me if I had any “tricks” for carpal tunnel. He had been suffering pain in his hands and fingers for the last 3 years. Much to his disappointment his doctor had not been able to prescribe any pain relief medication and had suggested surgery. He did not want to proceed with the surgery and continued to “put up” with the pain. When he asked me the questions, “Do I have any tricks?” I almost shrieked with excitement, massage can be so relieving for clients suffering carpal tunnel or for people presenting with symptoms of carpal tunnel such as hand pain, numb fingers or tingling in the arm and fingers.
My client described his symptoms as, “like waking up each morning with sausage fingers” and he said it is, “Very annoying.” A treatment for anyone presenting with these symptoms would include a simple nerve test that supplies the arm to identify any areas that the muscles may be clamping or impinging on the nerve that supplies the hand, followed by therapeutic massage on the target tissue identified from the nerve test. The massage would include all the muscles of the arm, shoulder and hand region as well as stretching and mobilising of the chest, shoulder, neck, upper and lower arm and finger muscles.
During the subsequent appointment my client was so please to tell me that since the first massage he had not experienced any hand pain and he had not woken up with sausage fingers either. He did however say that he did feel sore and tender in the chest for a few days after the massage, but after that no problem at all!
Relief from hand pain can be found from 1-4 massage treatments depending on the severity of the symptoms and if the cause is from muscular dysfunction. If you have any queries about hand or arm pain don’t hesitate to consult your local GP.
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