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Many of my clients have been asking on how they can improve their postures while typing because a number of them complain that they experience back pain after a long day at the office.

First tip to improve your posture in under 1 second

In order to help improve your posture while typing, I often encourage my clients to place their hands together behind them and push their chest forward then continue typing. This leaves you feeling great for the rest of the day and prevents back pain. See videos below for a quick demonstration:


Second tip on improving posture in under 1 second

One of my clients’ partner -Geraldine Powell- had a great tip on another way people can help improve their postures while typing. Geraldine is a professional typist and has been doing this for 57 years. She mentioned that it is common for people to develop back pain and RSI from having bad posture while typing which ruins your whole day. This is what she had to say “I have been a “typist” for 57 years having progressed from the manual to electric typewriter then to a word processor and now the computer which I still type on daily…..At business college we were taught to raise our wrists level with the keyboard. As a result my back is straight as the hands raised at the keyboard is positioning me in an upright stance. A lot of self-taught ‘typists’ type with their wrists resting on the desk and wonder why at the end of the day their wrists aching or end up with RSI.”

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