Hens Parties Melbourne are here & wedding season is upon us! Being part of the fun, festivities & celebration is a real priveledge. The pressure to ensure that everything runs smoothly & to plan can be exhausting for the many people involved. If you are hosting or organising a Hens Party, Bridal Shower or Kitchen Tea here are 3 simple ingredients to help the bride to be have a fun & pleasurable time at the party.
1. Her Favourite Bubbly
We can hear the corks popping for all the champagne lovers out there. If champagne doesn’t hit the spot make sure her favourite drink of choice is on hand whether it be beer, vodka or wine etc. However if your bride-to-be is a non-drinker try mock-tails, non-alcoholic cider or fruit punch & for a bit of fun dress up the glasses with mini umbrellas & strawberries.
2. Her Favourite Sweets
A quick trip to the supermarket for a selection of sweet treats will be well received at your hens party.
Shopping List Suggestions
•Cadbury/Lindt Chocolate
•Pods – the more flavours the merrier!
•Tim Tams
•Skittles or M&M’s
3. Her Favourite Tunes
We all have different music taste so let remember it’s not always about what we like. If you like country & she likes rock try not to have Slim Dusty in the background the whole time. Try setting up your i pod docking station with the bride-to-be’s i pod this way you guarantee the music is to her taste.
If you really have no clue about the type of music that she would like another place to search is her facebook profile – this may help point you in the right direction.
We hope that with these simple 3 ingredients will help you create unforgettable memories during this special time of celebration & a wonderful hens party in Melbourne.
For help creating a pamper party for your special occasion don’t hesitate to contact us
or phone Jacqui 0423 256 018

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