Are you planning a hens party for a good friend and wanting to put a twist on your hens party? Often we attend hens parties in the home and while we are pampering the group of girls a topless waiter will arrive as a bit of fun and start serving food to the guests. It seems to be a real hit and often it’s the Aunties and Grandma’s that enjoy the eye candy the most! As therapists we have a bit of a chuckle to ourselves and keep working to make sure everyone receives the treatments that they have booked.
Recently I attended a hens party for a good Irish Catholic girl, who received a REAL shock. After the pampering finished a stripper arrived! There was a lot of shrieks of laughter and heads turning away eyes covered in disbelief, red cheeks. He did his 20min routine and encouraged all the other girls to “look after the hen and keep her safe for the rest of the night.” I think his routine was as close to danger as she would be getting for the evening J
“Mortified, I’m completely mortified!” exclaimed the hen after the stripper had left. She was certain that her friends would not organise something like that for her as they all know her conservative nature. She kept laughing in between exclamations of shock and disbelief! I think it was a surprise that she will always remember and have a bit of a laugh and chuckle to herself.
Whether you are planning to SHOCK the pants off one of your closest friends or want to have a simple pampering night, we are there for you! Just let us know how we can help.
Jacqui & the TRT team

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