We provided mini pedicures and manicures for a Hens Party in the Docklands recently. I was so impressed with the organisation of the maid of honour and all the friends of the bride. All the girls contributed and put in so much effort for their friend getting married!
There were 10 girls and they had rented a large apartment in the Docklands for 2 nights. We arrived in the morning all the girls were having breakfast together & discussing the night before, very sweet. Myself and another therapist proceeded to give each girl their pedicure and manicure. As the morning progressed the girls discussed what they were going to wear for lunch & debated if they were going to change outfits for the dinner & dancing that evening. They put on their make-up & did their hair. Mid-morning the maid of honour & another bridesmaid left to go to the restaurant to set up balloons & decorations for lunch.
We really had a great time helping the girls get ready & pampering them a little bit! The bride had no idea that we were coming & loved every minute! It is so fantastic to see that real & genuine friendship exist.
Let us know if we can help make your hens party extra special, don’t hesitate to contact us. 0423 256 018

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