Hens pamper parties, Melbourne
We can help you relax & indulge with your friends & family.
Need Ideas?
Often hens book us for pampering that begins in the morning & lead into lunch, with a few games along the way.
Alternatively many hens have the pampering begin in the afternoon after lunch & finish in the late afternoon. While some guests are happily begin pampered others are choosing outfit & getting ready for an evening out celebrating together.
Does each person need to choose their pampering prior to the day or can they choose on the day?
Each guest must choose which type of pampering they would like to have prior to the day. Once we know what each guest is going to have then we can allocate the required amount of therapists & create a schedule for the day or morning.
Is there anyway that they could choose on the day?
Yes, some hens book and pay for a certain number of treatments & then their guests on the day choose which treatment they would like to have. For example a hen may book 8 x 15min treatments for 8 guests & on the day the guest can choose from either 15min Mini Massage, 15min Mini Manicure or 15min Mini Pedicure.
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