Hot Stone Massage, Relaxation Massage, Pedicure, Manicure. EXTENDED OFFER; ends 29th February, 2012. Find yourself in pamper heaven! No need to stress about finding a park or worry about traffic, we travel to you. Take advantage of any of the below deals & you’ll have 6 months to use your deal voucher.
Luxurious Pampering
90min Hot Stone Massage
1 hr Pedicure Single Colour
Valued at $255.00
Deal Price: $153.00
save 40%
The Ultimate Relaxation
1 hr Relaxation Massage
1 hr Manicure Single Colour
Valued at $180.00
Deal Price: $126.00
save 30%
Simply mention, ‘Extended Offer’. Pick up the phone now or send us an email to purchase your terrific deal voucher!
Ph: Jacqui 0423 256 018
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