Cramping During Pregnancy – Week 21

Have you experience cramping during pregnancy? Week 21, read on for a real life story by Kate and her experience during pregnancy.
Ever since l became pregnant l had been experiencing major leg and calf cramping. The muscle in my legs would twist to the point that l would scream. I was having regular cramps and started searching for answers on how to fix this re occurring issue.
My mid wife had said to take more salt in my diet and to have Magnesium, this did not help. Then my doctor said have Calcium tablets daily this seemed to reduce the cramps from weekly to fortnightly. Going to bed in fear of cramping didn’t help with having a relaxing nights rest.
lt wasn’t until l had my first pregnancy Massage with Total Relaxation that l went to bed with no anxiety about cramping and ended up having a relaxed peaceful sleep. My partner even noticed how relaxed l was, Thank you Total Relaxation.
I will recommend that if you are pregnant to have a massage with Total Relaxation.
The massage helped me relax so it would have also helped my baby . Thanks again.
Kate Croydon VIC

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