The EFY is approaching fast and we have an AMAZING offer on our Corporate Massage services.
– Looking to increase and optimise productivity?
– Reward, inspire and motivate staff?
– Improve and strengthen team morale and attitude?
If yes, take advantage of our Special Offer!
Buy 6 x Corporate Massage Sessions & receive the 7th Session Free!
Our professional massage therapists will come to your workplace for a minimum of 2 hours to do either 15min Seated Neck and Shoulder massages or 5min Seated Neck massages. Massage in the workplace is a fantastic way to relieve staff of work stress and tension as well as rewarding them for their hard work and contribution. The demands of the modern workplace require many staff members to spend hours in front of a computer screen every day, this can create postural pressures on the neck and shoulder region. In just a few minutes you and your staff will be amazed of the power of massage to relieve and renew fatigued muscles.
Time and time again we hear comments like;
“My neck really hurts, I think I slept awkwardly last night”
“I have had a head ache since yesterday, it’s painful just above my eyes.”
“On the weekend I hurt my shoulders now I can’t move properly.”
These staff members feel much better after their massage and often experience complete relief
from their complaint! Ready to make a difference in your workplace? Your staff will feel encouraged
and motivated!
Enjoying a Seated Massage in Melbourne
Buy 6 x Corporate Massage Sessions, receive the 7th Session Free!

2 hour Corporate Massage Session
$200.00 per therapist
4 hour Corporate Massage Session
$400.00 per therapist
Hurray offer ends June 30th 2014. Sessions must be redeemed within a 6 month period.
Call Now – 03 9008 4215
Jacqui & the TRT team

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